swimsafe FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I book private lessons for my children?

Most students will progress at a faster rate with a higher number of swim lessons per week. This would ideally place intensity at two swim lessons a week.

One swim lesson a week is by no means detrimental to a student’s progress, merely resulting in a slower rate of improvement.

For optimal conditions, a routine should be established. Keeping the swim lesson time and day consistent will help them remember and effectively perform the swim skills they have learned from previous swim lessons.

How many Private swim lessons should I book for my children?

Approximately 10-12 private swim lessons is the recommended number of private swim lessons to book for a child.

Visible improvements are achieved through consistency, progressive learning, and building on skills that had been learned in previous swim lessons.

What Age is the right age for my child to start swimming lessons?

Children can start learning how to swim as early as 6 months old. Between the ages of 6-18 months through our Baby and Me classes, your child would benefit from developing comfort in and around the water environment with the assistance of a parent. By 18 months, they may begin to work independently in the water with an instructor. Progress is dependent on the age and strength of the child.

What is Swimsafe Mobiles Cancellation Policy?

Due to illness or holiday ect… a lesson must be cancelled telephonically or via WhatsApp message 2 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time to ensure a replacement lesson can be booked.

No make-up lesson will be given for being away on holiday, the lesson will need to be caught up with extra swim time prior to the holiday or at the next lesson.

What If I have kids of different ages?

It all comes down to their age and skill level. Kids of different ages might still be within the same swim level, in which case they could both take the swim lesson together. Keep in mind, little swimmers tire out faster than their older siblings, so pairing children of similar age is the best option.

Ultimately, speaking to your swim instructor will give you the best options that you have in order to provide your children with the most effective lesson.

Are Swimsafe Swim Instructors certified?

Yes! Swimsafe Mobile’s Swim Instructors are certified and insured